12 Critical Questions You Need to Be Asking About the Pandemic

I am not a conspiracy theorist.

I don’t believe that a small group of people (no matter how rich or influential) can influence global events to such a degree as to control everything and everyone. There are just too many intangibles, unknown variables, and things in life that cannot be controlled or manipulated.

However, I am very troubled by the all-too-common attack on concerned citizens asking critical questions about the nature of the pandemic as well as questioning the actions of governments and the media. To blindly sweep away any criticism of the “common narrative” as conspiracy theory is, well, just plain ignorance.

We live in a democracy. Not only do our citizens have the right to question authority, they MUST question authority. Our governments have a duty to protect our rights, freedoms, and human dignity above all else. They have a duty to consult the public, whom they represent, before taking any drastic actions that cause serious collateral damage to the economy, the freedoms, civil liberties, and the mental health of their citizens.

Here are 12 critical questions everyone should be asking about the coronavirus pandemic. Many of them were inspired by internationally-acclaimed author Vernon Coleman.

By the way, I am not a conspiracy theorist.

  1. Why were the predictions of one mathematical modeler with such a terrible track record given so much importance? Why were they blindly accepted worldwide without being submitted for any sort of peer-review?
  2. Why is a test (PCR), whose Nobel Prize-winning inventor stated was never meant to test for the presence of viruses and that provides an inordinate number of false positives, being used to identify the number of Covid-19 cases worldwide? Can we really trust the data from such a vague testing method?
  3. Why, so far in 2020 in the U.S., did the total number of deaths from Covid-19, pneumonia, and the flu go up while the total number of deaths go down?
  4. Why is the total number of deaths in the U.S. in 2020 the same or even slightly lower than in 2019?
  5. Why does the government continue to strip away fundamental rights of citizens for a virus that’s been proven to be no more infectious than the flu and has an overall lethality rate of about 0.1%?
  6. Why do the authorities, the media, and Big Tech feel the need to suppress anything that questions the official narrative concerning not only the coronavirus, but vaccines, and 5G as well?
  7. Why is the timeline for a Covid-19 vaccine being slashed from the usual 15-year period to just months, skipping animal trials? How mandatory is this vaccine going to be? Will those who have the vaccine proudly wear a tattoo? Will those who refuse the vaccine have to wear a badge marking them as ‘unclean’? A yellow star sewn onto their clothing perhaps?
  8. Why is the coronavirus not transmitted among those who attend Black Lives Matter demonstrations but dangerous among people having a day at the beach?
  9. Why is it legal to attend a mass demonstration for Black Lives Matter but illegal to watch a baseball game or an outdoor concert? Are we supposed to believe that the virus doesn’t work at demonstrations but does in outdoor stadiums and concert venues?
  10. Why are masks now becoming mandatory in some states or provinces when they have been scientifically proven to be ineffective for protecting others and when Covid-19 deaths are at the lowest they’ve been since the beginning of the pandemic?

11. Why has the mainstream media been singing only one chorus in unisom since the beginning of the pandemic? There must be some journalists who don’t agree with what’s going on? Where are they?

12. Why is anyone who dares to ask critical questions instantly dubbed a conspiracy theorist or a sociopath? What is going on here? What lunacy is this?

Asking critical questions is vital to our democracy, our way of life, and to ensuring that we do not fall prey to the fascist tendencies that swept over Nazi Germany more than eighty years ago. When we stop asking critical questions (or are inhibited or banned from doing so), we edge dangerously closer to a future dominated by medical fascism, tyranny, and totalitarianism.

And by the way, I am NOT a conspiracy theorist.

Writer, futurist, peacemaker, and aspiring bodhisattva

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