When Living Without Fear Becomes an Act of Conscious Creation

Since March of this year, we have been assaulted from all sides by fear. And the onslaught continues. In fact, the current climate of fear is putting our very humanity under threat. The subtle, most beautiful and intimate things that make us human may soon become extinct. How we react to these threats will shape the world of our children, our grandchildren, and for generations to come.

When was the last time you had a group hug? When was the last time you sat shoulder to shoulder with friends on a couch, sipping wine, laughing and nuzzling mischievously into one another? When was the last time you walked into a store or another public place without an ounce of fear of being “infected?”

In a previous article I wrote that the real virus is fear. Since then, the contagion of fear has spread far and wide across the planet (while the actual science around the virus has been kept largely hidden by the mainstream media). This climate of fear has embedded itself deep into the global psyche, and with each passing day, anchors itself further into the roots of human consciousness.

Fear is the best way to control people. Politicians, kings, and tyrants have been doing it for centuries. When people are afraid, they will accept almost any standard or measure they believe will help “protect” them. They will blindly follow those who lead them without question and will naively believe anything they are told by the authorities and mass media.

The Evolution of Fear

The first tsunami of fear began with the killer “boogie-man” coronavirus that was supposed to have a 3–4% mortality rate and was going to wipe out some 650 million people (about 1% of the world’s population). Even with many of the world’s best scientists, critical thinkers, and citizens alike saying “hold on a minute, not so fast,” we were placed under lock down and virtual house arrest. We had to “flatten the curve” to stem the tide.

The tide has passed, no thanks to the draconian measures that were taken. As many of the world’s leading epidemiologists correctly predicted from the outset, this version of the coronavirus, a virus that has been with us for centuries, made its way gently through the human population as did the thirty-five previous types of coronaviruses in the world.

Now the panic of fear has turned towards a new foe. The world is now bracing for the vaunted “second wave” that most surely will come to wipe the rest of us out. We need to protect ourselves and those we love from certain “infection.” Asymptomatic, healthy people we are told (but never proven), can transfer the virus to unsuspecting others. No one is safe. The enemy is everywhere!

Taking Control of Our Lives and Our Future

The existence of the very things that make us human are now in jeopardy. Hugs, caresses, tenderness, closeness, even friendship and family. What kind of world do we want to live in moving forward? One where it is normal to say goodbye to our loved ones on Zoom? Where grandparents are afraid to touch their grandchildren? Where human beings are afraid of the person sitting next to them on the bus?

Past wars were fought out of fear of other religions, ideologies, and ethnicities. Now the fear extends to every other human being in one’s immediate environment. Everyone at the grocery store is a threat; every single person you pass on the street could put your health in jeopardy.

The next time you are out in public, watch yourself to see if you become suspicious or fearful of others. Look closely at your thoughts to see when fear has entered the room or wants to take control of your heart. Don’t let it. Your future reality is created by what’s in your consciousness in this moment. When fear seizes our heart, that is what we will experience in the future. When we live with love, faith, and trust, we will create the bright and peaceful future we all so desperately wish for.

One 76-year old grandmother I know will still not hug her 8-year-old grandson. Even though he is dying to sleep over at her house and get tickles on his back from her in the morning, she still refuses to have physical contact (with anyone) or to have friends and family inside her home. I cry in sadness over situations like these which are surely being repeated in millions of families around the world.

How many years, lost hugs and moments of tenderness are we willing to forgo in the name of protecting ourselves and others from something that’s been proven to be no more infectious than the flu and have an overall lethality rate of about 0.1%? How many of life’s wonderful moments will be foregone in the name of an uncertain future? How much longer are we willing to listen to endless rants of fear by our governments and the mainstream media before saying enough is enough?

The truth is that we never know when we will breathe our last. How we live today, in this moment, will influence the future we create tomorrow. When you choose to live without fear (and masks), you make a statement that sends ripple effects out into the Universe. You reclaim your power and integrity as a human being.

Life is too short and too precious to continue with such insanity. Nature cannot be micromanaged by masks and social distancing. To think otherwise is just pure human hubris, and ignorance.

Bottom line is this: viruses (and coronaviruses) have been with us a long time. We are safe. There is nothing to fear.

Writer, futurist, peacemaker, and aspiring bodhisattva

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